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Meet the Executive Team

Professor Anthony Gould

Co Founder & Executive Chairman

Dr. Anthony M Gould is Professeur titulaire (Full Professor) of employment relations at Laval University in Quebec City, Canada and is a visiting professor at several other universities.
Anthony is an active scholar and travels extensively because he has multiple national and international-level professional interests and commitments. As a founding member and Executive Chairman of World Environmental Solutions, he is concerned about some of the direction of policy and popular discourse addressing climate change and environmental sustainability. Specifically, research suggests that up to 80 percent of human contribution to global warming and related problems is attributable to industrial activity. However, consumers and everyday people often believe the malaise is largely their fault and, in many respects, disproportionally shoulder the burden of finding solutions. At the same time, real answers need to be compatible with economic development if they are ultimately to be embraced. In other words, whilst there is a role for industry regulation, the big gains will mostly come from work process-level cleverness and ingenuity. As such, Anthony is committed to the idea that it is possible for business owners to be simultaneously more profitable and better (indeed exemplary) environmental stewards – irrespective of regulatory regimes and international treaties.
He views Superfibe® as a near-ideal example of this approach. Indeed, he believes that farming and agricultural industries throughout the world are perfectly poised to be hailed as leaders in saving the planet – and are on the cusp of being much more efficient and prosperous.

Mr. John Stamp

Co Founder & Director

Mr. John Stamp's great passion is turning his entrepreneurial skill into commercial outcomes – and improved communities. He has used this mindset to create successful ventures in agriculture, commerce and tourism. For example, he transformed a mushroom farming operation into a large-scale enterprise producing 13 tons of product a week for local and export markets. In so doing, he pioneered a unique compost strategy which uses sugarcane bagasse and mill mud to suit a tropical climate. John’s ingenuity and creativity has been the driving force behind development of Superfibe®. John brought together world-leading scientists to pursue the initiative. He recognized very early that there is an urgent, and unaddressed, need within agriculture for continuity of supply of animal feed – specifically, livestock fiber. Fiber shortage puts upward pressure on grain costs. After researching current solutions, he realized more needed to be done. John’s answer – Superfibe® - is a patented ruminant stockfeed technology which will play a pivotal role in reducing the cost, and ensuring the continuity, of animal feed throughout the world.

 Where John sees a need, he is compelled to seek a new solution. John’s favorite problems to solve are those that have global consequences.

Mr. John Hocken

Co Founder & Director

Mr. John Hocken has an extensive background as a senior executive within large government agencies and the private sector. He was the Director-General and Chief Executive of Emergency Services for Queensland (Australia) where he oversaw a budget of hundreds of millions of dollars and had responsibility for a workforce of tens of thousands. In this role he was also Chairman of the Board for both the Queensland Fire Service and the Queensland Ambulance Service.

Throughout his professional life, John has been concerned about human impact on the environment and, in particular, greenhouse gas mitigation. His business and government-related affairs have required that he travel extensively – especially throughout Asia and developing regions. In one of his projects, he was the Managing Director of ComEnergy which had the worldwide rights to commercialise a power generation system patented by CSIRO, Australia’s premier industrial research agency. This innovative system uses ventilation air methane from underground coal mining as fuel to reduce massively carbon emissions.

John is proud to have played ambassadorial roles for key international development agencies. For example, he represented the UNDP in Havana on biomass energy production, the Australian Greenhouse Office and Australian Coal Mining Forums in Delhi and Beijing and was a member of the UNECE group for cleaner electricity production. He also played a role in the US Government sponsored Methane to Market Partnership.

John is committed to the idea that it is possible to reduce global methane emissions without compromising economic growth or national–level energy security.

Rivka Rosenberg-- May 2020.png
Ms. Rivka Rosenberg

Co Founder & Director

Ms. Rivka Rosenberg is an e-Learning, foreign languages and online marketing specialist. Rivka has lived and worked on three continents and has seen firsthand various local manifestations of global warming.

Rivka is a linguist and is fluent in multiple languages. She is a graduate of the prestigious Washington University in St. Louis where she majored in French, Education and Middle Eastern studies. Her post-graduate work in French was at Middlebury College in Vermont, the Sorbonne in Paris and, her PhD studies in education, e-learning and foreign languages were at Laval University in Quebec City, Canada.

As an international educator and awareness raiser, Rivka believes that saving the planet and other crucial elements of community development are achieved primarily through education, broadly conceived. As such, a large part of Rivka’s online business is devoted to talking with children about responsible citizenship and environmental stewardship. She has interacted with hundreds of future decision-makers concerning these matters.

Rivka jumped at the chance to be a part of the World Environmental Solutions team. As a citizen of the world, she is aware that farming and agricultural sectors have an enormous role to play in altering the course of humanity’s current rush to oblivion.

Rivka has recently been chosen to be part of the advisory board of the World Healthcare Forum for Women, an internationally constituted body of distinguished people which has as its mission the lifting of standards of access and quality for womens' health services in developing countries. Read about Rivka's new role here.

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