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At World Environmental Solutions we understand that there are two key problems which place stress and financial burden on farmers:

1/ Skyrocketing costs of producing feed due to soil degradation, rising fertilizer expense, and reduced land utilization,

2/ Growing pressure to be good environmental stewards and, in particular, reduce carbon emission.

These concerns eat into profit. They make farmer livelihoods less secure - they are intensifying. Indeed, cost of producing feed is a growing source of anxiety now and farmers face a ticking time-bomb with legislated methane restrictions around the corner as governments struggle to achieve mandated greenhouse emission targets.

SUPERFIBE® is a breakthrough - and patented - process that addresses farmers nightmares concerning escalating animal-feed cost and pressure to meet methane reduction targets.  

SUPERFIBE® turbo-charges the energy from existing feed. Moreover, SUPERFIBE® will actually transform waste plant material into a nutritious fiber-rich diet for livestock. SUPERFIBE® reduces aggregate animal methane emissions by up to 70 percent. SUPERFIBE® enables cows to reach maturity in substantially less time. Incredibly, SUPERFIBE® delivers its multiple benefits with a single solution. 

In short, SUPERFIBE® saves time, money and your sanity.

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The Product

SUPERFIBE® is a revolution in world agriculture and livestock management. 

The SUPERFIBE® process was developed and refined over a decade by Mr. John Stamp, the Managing Director of Organic Food and Fertiliser.  


SUPERFIBE® is patent protected.

SUPERFIBE® uses waste plant material, particularly lignocellulosic matter, to create a superior form of livestock nutrition. The conversion process is straightforward and produces a more digestible feed form without the need for expensive or hazardous chemicals and a source of heat.

Cows love to eat SUPERFIBE®.  When they absorb it they thrive. A SUPERFIBE® diet enables livestock to reach maturity weight in up to 30 percent less time and produce up to 70 percent less methane.

SUPERFIBE® has been extensively tested and trialed on animals by scientists at leading universities and agricultural research institutions. For livestock, research has shown that SUPERFIBE® improves animal digestion through promoting a desirable reduction in the by-pass protein and, in other ways, enhances uptake of nutrition. Because SUPERFIBE® -fed animals are generally healthier, they show a consequential reduction in methane gas emission.

When fed on SUPERFIBE®, cows are healthier and more vital.   



SUPERFIBE® patented technology is proven and tested to be safe and supports carbon farming and the mitigation of cattle methane emission

SUPERFIBE® for a Greener Planet

SUPERFIBE® reduces carbon emissions from livestock by up to 70%. Moreover, it uses waste material that would otherwise have to be discarded.


SUPERFIBE® represents state-of-the-art environmentally responsible farming for the 21st century. There is nothing like it.

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